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A sunny summer’s day, the trembling insides of a girl are painted by Dazai Osamu’s hidden masterpiece, “School Girl,” a “Kaku Nime” production. Dazai’s new literature taste is that of a person’s challenge. The format of a girl talking to herself is presented by Motosaku, a Dazai Osamu fan as well; a girls of the modern day’s heart also will resound as the finishing touches are applied to this work.

Specs ±

source: NTSC DVD
codec: x264 core129 r2245
bitrate: 1 1724 kbps
resolution: 712×480 (anamorphic, displayed @ 844×480)
display aspect ratio: 16:9
length ~: 25m

codec: AC3
channel(s): 5 channels
birate: 384 Kbs
sampling rate: 48.0 KHz
languages: japanese

subtitles: english (ass + srt)



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