Dallos OVA

At the end of the 21st century, Earth had to confront the problem of population increases combined with shortages in resources. Development of the Moon was seen as the way to solve the situation. The Moon’s mineral resources reinvigorated the Earth and brought prosperity. However, the achievement of that vision proved painful for those who’d left their home world to settle on the Moon.

One of Man’s greatest dreams has become a nightmare for those who have been forced to live it out. Shun Nonomura doesn’t realize it, but he’s about to discover a weapon – one that can overthrow the oppressive Monopolice and bring freedom to the lunar colonists. The growing resistance movemnt is quick to adopt it, along with its creator, into their ranks as they rally around the mysterious alien monument known as Dallos…

Dallos was made in 1983 by Studio Pierrot, becoming world’s first OVA series, although it was originally intended as a TV series. It was also the directorial debut of Oshii Mamoru, who would later go on to direct such films as Angel’s Egg, the fourth Urusei Yatsura movie, and Ghost in the Shell. – anidb.net

Specs ±
source: r2j dvd
codec: h.264
bitrate: 955kbps
resolution: 704×480
display aspect ratio: 4:3
frame rate: 23.976 fps
duration: ~30min

codec: vorbis
bitrate: 96kbps
channel: 2 channels
sampling rate: 48.0 KHz
languages: japanese

subtitles: português (ass) & english (ass)


ed2k://|file|[DaifukuExpress-Subs]_Dallos_-_01_[729E5AD3].mkv|244960294|685569F6FA16BF9DE676F0BB19F3A0DF|h=YTVCFMVWQIPJ76RM7MCIYV3D4IIWF6ZD|/ ed2k://|file|[DaifukuExpress-Subs]_Dallos_-_02_[A9390CEB].mkv|244963590|FD390308EEBD7D466599E7FE5D4B05C0|h=5GOUKJR2SKCKUA3HAXLW64BG7FCVMCLX|/ ed2k://|file|[DaifukuExpress-Subs]_Dallos_-_03_[7737275F].mkv|245166449|15482EB27555B244D566B0BAEB174B02|h=CMUUP7E5DLYBYP7ZXUPZYLSWTWF76UST|/ ed2k://|file|[DaifukuExpress-Subs]_Dallos_-_04_[53970BD5].mkv|245068995|0879B418148513C42D1E937784543DEA|h=4EHJ6LMDEPBYWEUGNJOTZCBDEFCVWAXX|/

torrent eps 01 – 04


4 Responses to Dallos OVA

  1. ZACHARiAS says:

    projecto concluído. estamos de ferias. daqui a pouco voltemos =P
    kudos you lot!

  2. Yakyuzo says:

    Muchas gracias!! Solo encontraba “Dallos Special” y doblado, ver los 4 OVA era lo que quería.

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