Do you do any speedsubbing?
No. Although there good speedsubs teams, and their work to be quite commendable it’s not our practice. We do things calmly with our own pace and we do what we like. We’ll encode some anime which may not have the deserved quality so far, or ones we particularly like and enjoyed watching, using some existing scripts and improving them if needed, the best way we can. So we don’t actually consider ourselves as a fansub.
Thoug if you want to translate something and make a project out of it, tell us.
BTW, Express is an allusion to the forum from which our group emerged from >.<
We dropped portuguese. It consumes time we don’t have.


As for now, we will try to do our stuff using only linux, until stated otherwise. It’s just the way we feel we should go. Linux presents itself as an alternative. We surely will encounter some limitations, as in the use of filtering, provided with AviSynth and all that. So like stated, we’ll do our encodes in linux enviroment, using linux and or opensource tools, until stated otherwise.

~video encoding~
for container: matroska
codec: h264 8bit (for now) cli, and possibly theora.
We’ll drop XviD for the time being, again due to time and electricity consumption.
audio formats: aacac3, flac, vorbis
for subtitle formats : ass, srt

~music encoding~
mp3 (320kbs)

updated at 01.12.2014


2 Responses to faq

  1. kira says:

    hello do you guys sub sport anime?

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