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Romeo Maki is a professional wrestler going by the name of Maskman M as well as CEO of an orphanage where the roof leaks and a python has taken over the toilet. Working there is a novice nun, Sister Juliet who, unknown to Maki, moonlights as another wrestler – Lady S. The two meet in a $50,000 winner take all bout where they discover how well matched they truly are: he gets off on pain while she loves inflicting it.

Specs ±


source: Blu-ray
codec: x264 core 133 r2334
resolution: 1920×1080
display aspect ratio: 16:9
length ~: 12m

codec: FLAC (16bit) + AC3 (640kbs)
channel(s): 2 channels
sampling rate: 48.0 KHz
languages: japanese

subtitles: english (ass+srt) [Commie: re-styled (kudos to our comrads! they did a fantastic work]



Torrent [Click me]

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